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The challenges you are facing as an entrepreneur:
It is not a question of whether you can afford marketing, it is a question of whether you can afford not to do it! We will help you increase your business performance with the effective application of modern marketing instruments

  • What use is marketing to me?
  • How are my products and my business positioned on the market?
  • What do customers think about my products and my brand?
  • How can I retain my customers in the long term?
  • How can I win new and ‘satisfied’ customers?
  • How can I inspire customers for my service and products?
  • What are my chances on the international market?
  • What are the most effective marketing instruments and which are best suited to me?
The SIQRON solution:
SIQRON discusses these and other matters with customers and employees – in strict confidence, of course. This is where we can draw on the immense wealth of knowledge, practical experience and suggestions for improvements. The results of the customer, employee and supplier questionnaires are put into a 360° perspective allowing us to create an objective, overall picture of your business

Further market analyses and market surveillance provide you with further planning security. The aim is to determine the right measure and to put them into practice to maximize the benefits for your business. This is the only way to ensure that your investment in marketing pays off!

We provide you with new ideas and suggestions, but we also integrate existing partners or successful activities already operational. In the process, we also bear in mind your specific economic, staff and personal situations. What you then get are custom-made measures and cost planning, as well as professional implementation of the results.

Other essential requirements for the further successful development of your business are: good relations with your employees, the public, your customers, partners and suppliers. The positive overall assessment of your business increases both the internal and external interest in your brand and results ultimately in enthusiastic customers.

SIQRON helps you to develop your communication skills with regard to your customers, the market and your employees. This takes place in close cooperation with your employees and / or your agency The main priority is to position your business, your products and your services successfully in the market, as well as to provide effective instruments for improving your sales and marketing strategies. That´s how SIQRON works...
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