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The challenges you are facing as an entrepreneur:
The key factor for both manufacturers and agents is successful marketing management. Business success that is planned in the long term requires the customized expansion and further development of your company’s sales & distribution activities

  • How does my business situation compare to that of my competitors?
  • How do customers judge my business activities and how can I improve these activities ?
  • How can I make sure that, with the right range of products and services, I will be able to carry on in the future?
  • How can I improve my internal processes?
  • How can I employ better strategies to improve my sales results?
  • Which business segments will provide me with new opportunities?
The SIQRON solution:
SIQRON acts like your own Sales Marketing Department. We integrate and identify ourselves with your company and your tasks, together with you we achieve some successful improvements. Our strength: global thinking - regional operation - practice-oriented implementation.

Our concepts will effectively increase the impact of your sales organisation and improve your distributing performance. For this purpose we identify the unique selling proposition of your sales management and position you clearly and positive vs. your competitors.

In cooperation with you we elaborate and plan medium- and long-term strategies to improve your range of products and services and to establish your unique selling points.

By means of sales and product trainings or individual coachings of your sales and service staff, for example, we help to set up a professional sales organisation (national and international).

Furthermore we offer extensive support during the entry into German and other markets, by executing the necessary steps - from public relations up to the development of an own internal sales organisation. That´s how SIQRON works...
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