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Product Development

SIQRON Product Development SIQRON Product Development SIQRON Product Development SIQRON Product Development
The challenges you are facing as an entrepreneur:
Manufacturers, agents dealers and service providers are seeing themselves confronted with the existential challenge of remaining competitive at national, as well as at international level. The upward pressure on costs is increasing, the domestic market is shrinking, the demands of customers are growing and costs for development, production, sales and marketing are on the rise. New technologies in the bioenergy sector are giving rise to new issues in connection with the agriculture industry, agro technology and crop management.

  • Which range of products and services will be most profitable?
  • Where should I set my priorities with regard to product development?
  • Where can I get all the latest information and the experience I need?li>
  • How do I compare as far as technology is concerned, where is further development demanded?
  • Which technologies should I use?
  • How can I speed up product development processes and make them more efficient?
  • How do I test my new products and components, what and how is to test, how to structure prototyping and launch phases?
  • Which raw materials should I use for bioenergy and where can I get them?
  • What are the logistics requirements, and what is the best way to solve them?
  • The SIQRON solution:
    For SIQRON product development is a comprehensive task. Manufacturers, dealers and service providers have to face different challenges but have to be involved in an overall strategy.

    We analyse your market situation, your products and internal processes and incorporate the results in an overall business strategy. In cooperation with you we define your market position and elaborate coherent product, sales, and marketing concepts.

    Based on this strategy we evolve and introduce practical measures for the development of products and services under the explicit consideration of client talks, trend analyses, market comparisons, etc. Together with our partners and we perform necessary test runs and test programs to realize the legal requirements, to fulfill quality demands and meet cost and time frame. The result is a maximum value creation.

    SIQRON improves the product know-how and marketing skills of your sales and service teams, e.g. by familiarizing them with own and competitive products in product training sessions.

    Last but not least we launch and present your products, open up distribution channels, or prepare your marketing material. The one-stop solution for your success! Thats´how SIQRON works...
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