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Developing potential for Agrotechnology & Bio-Energy

The SIQRON Working Principle

SIQRON supervision throughout the entire process<br />> All sales and marketing activities are planned in the long term and as one cohesive whole<br />> Siqron also provides interim management<br />> We also take on or supervise individual projects or tasks<br />> Supplement your team at peak times<br />> Product development to meet international and new market demands
Impact-focused and practice-oriented

SIQRON has many years of experience and is deeply rooted in the agricultural sector. As an equal partner we are able to provide you with the comprehensive and intensive support you require. We ensure a high degree of efficiency and success orientation for your business. Everything we do is completely in line with your individual requirements. Supervision can be in the form of interim management, the management of specific projects or we can take on specific tasks on a permanent basis.

SIQRON consults
With a thorough analysis of your internal processes, market activities and your products we reveal the opportunities and ways to optimizing your processes. Right from the start, we ensure that you have one contact person for all the different issues involved. This not only creates an atmosphere of trust, it also significantly reduces the expenditure of time and money.

SIQRON plans
On the basis of the analysis we then develop practice-oriented solutions and long-term concepts. We draft the necessary plans for realizing your potential, focus you business strategies and optimize your market positioning. We develop the basis for your future corporate success by creating a results-oriented product, as well as sales and marketing concepts.

SIQRON implements
Our strength lies in the practice-oriented implementation. We ensure that recipes for success also produce successful results. We work as a team on the pragmatic implementation of ideas and tasks. In this way you can be sure that all measures are planned to harmonize with each other and that they develop a high degree of efficiency and effectiveness.

SIQRON operates individually and at international level
We provide individual solutions tailored to the specific requirements of your problem or self-contained project. This could be sales training, a project analysis or specific marketing support, for example.

The international market operates by its own laws; this provides opportunities, but also harbors a number of risks. SIQRON is well acquainted with this terrain and can help you develop and expand your activities into other markets. Owing to our high level of knowledge, especially of the German markets, we are also the right contact partners for foreign companies. That´s how we develop your potential
Survey and analyses of the internal processes
Developing of concepts for prospective growth
Optimizing and advancement of dealers´and manufacturers´ product range
Common implementation of the growth stratgies
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